LETS Transform! Thursday 4th December, 7.30pm at Hornbeam Cafe

Hello LETS members,

lets-wide-shotWe write to you this month with news about the future of Waltham Forest LETS.

The LETS committee is currently running on the strength of 3-4 active members who between them voluntarily manage all the administration and event organisation for our local LETS. This is not sustainable in the long-term due to multiple other commitments and the real need, according to LETS ethos, to share the work amongst a larger number of members with a diverse range of skills and enough energy to give to the scheme.

To this end, we are proposing to hold a LETS members’ event on Thursday 4th December, 7.30-10pm at The Hornbeam Cafe in Walthamstow, during which we will explore future possibilities for Waltham Forest LETS.

We ask you, as members with interest and a stake in the organisation, to take part in this event, which will be a get-together with activities inviting ideas about how members can realistically and fruitfully offer time and energy to the scheme.

We will arrange a facilitated brainstorm on how we can help our local LETS not only survive, but collectively determine how we can successfully harness the power of the scheme to ensure that LETS thrives. Clearly LETS is well-used by many of you and in our climate of austerity cuts, it is a real need in terms of strengthening our communities and our access to local skills & services. However, the scheme needs more input.

Depending on the outcome of this meeting, we will either move forward with an reinvigorated LETS and hold the AGM in the new year, or we will look at winding up the scheme early in 2015.

We welcome your responses and hope that you can come to give your views and share your enthusiasm with fellow members at this event.

Please let us know if you will attend on 4th December so that we have an idea of numbers. Food and drinks will be provided, courtesy of LETS member cooks! You can confirm your attendance by emailing info@wflets.org or calling Rasheeqa on 07784 506 494.
We look forward to seeing you.

Thanks and best wishes,

WF LETS committee


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