LETS Cook Together! Waltham Forest EATS Community Calendar food session – Saturday 24th October at Hornbeam

LETS Cook Together!
Saturday 24th October, 6-8pm at Hornbeam Cafe, 458 Hoe Street, Walthamstow E17 9AH

A lovely seasonal cooking session to create a recipe for the Waltham Forest Eats Community Calendar being produced by the Low Cost Living Project based at the Hornbeam Centre in Walthamstow. A collaboration between Waltham Forest LETS and Bestowed Kitchen, Walthamstow’s finest fresh foodmakers of passion, hot from their summer of pop-up kitchen success at various local festivals.

We invite LETS members with a foodie leaning to join us at this session to make a seasonal dish together with Jeremy of Bestowed Kitchen and have the recipe live on for the community as part of the Eats Community Calendar!
The theme of this session is around homegrown and foraged ingredients, fitting in with the LETS and Low Cost Living Project ethos, and with the season! So if you have any good tasty veg from the garden or allotment, or have gathered any fruits and berries of late summer and autumn, bring them along. Jeremy will come up with recipes based on the ingredients that LETS members come with, and then we’ll concoct away together on the day, learn some new cooking skills to take away with us and share with each other our favourite recipes from our kitchens and traditions.

Please let us know asap if you are attending by ringing Rasheeqa (LETS committee) on 07784 506 494 and also let us know what ingredients you can bring as we need to let Jeremy know in advance. Places are limited so booking with us is essential.

We look forward to seeing you for a community cook-off!
best wishes,

Waltham Forest LETS


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