Green Drinks 1st March!

Dear Waltham Forest folks, the next edition of Green Drinks as we greet the entering spring will be at Leyton Technical, which is at 265B High Road Leyton. It’s lovely surrounds to be in, in the restored former town hall, and they offer lots of real ales as well as food. Come join the fun next Tuesday 1st March, 8pm onwards – you will find one of the Waltham Forest LETS team in the LETS tshirt and a sign, or ask at the bar where the Green Drinkers are.

We’d like to highlight a special element at this month’s Green Drinks, which is run by Waltham Forest LETS, our local cashless trading exchange scheme. LETS is nearly 25 years old now, one of the borough’s most long-standing community sharing systems. It vitally needs to evolved if it is to continue meeting peoples’ needs in our community as a local currency and trading service. There will be a half hour huddle on the side at Green Drinks next week at 9pm to brainstorm great ideas, which you’re welcome to join in with – or you can carry on socialising with lovely people! But all input will be appreciated and it’s also your chance to find out more about LETS and if it could be useful to you – or how to make it more so if you’re a member.

Green Drinks is Waltham Forest’s monthly get-together for all local residents who are interested, involved or connected with social, environmental and political activity and projects around our community. It’s a great way to meet and make new friends, gather with old ones and share thoughts, ideas and plans for a better tomorrow – through the medium of a convivial drink. Come take part!




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