Accessing the online trading system

Click on this link CES website and log in at the top of the home page with your log-in details (WFCEnnnn and your password). If you don’t know your membership number or have forgotton your password please email us at

Please also let us know if you are having other technical problems. It would be useful if you could tell us about any error messages you see.

Changing your password

Go to My Record at the top and replace the password with your own one of at least eight characters/numbers. > Please also check your contact details are correct and amend if necessary. > Click on Update Record (on the dark green bar below) to save your changes.

To add new offering

Go to My Record > My local offerings > Add New

To make it easier for people to find your offer you can enter some keywords. These should be alternatives to the ‘Brief title’, for example if you are offering ‘painting’ add ‘painter’ as a keyword. If you are offering ‘babysitting’ you could add ‘baby’, ‘sitting’, ‘childcare’ etc as keywords.

If you are offering something that many other people do, it can help to add some detail to differentiate your offer – eg if its DIY are you offering a to put up cuphooks, or a new extension?

Enter how many beams per hour you charge for what you’re offering, or you can put an ‘N’ for negotiable. Click on Add Offering.

Please don’t wait for someone to buy from you before you use the system. You don’t need to be in credit before making a purchase; you can have a negative balance of up to 200 Beams.

To amend or remove your offers

Go to My Record > My local offerings > Edit, delete or hide offer > Update Record. Note that you can hide your offers when you are on holiday.

To add new want

Go to My Record > My wants > Add New > Insert record

Your offers and wants will expire – how to update them

If you have entered your offerings and not amended them for 12 months, they automatically get ‘hidden’. So to unhide them and make them active again the steps are:

  • log into the members area of the website as normal
  • select ‘my record’ (top green menu bar)
  • select my local offerings ‘view/edit’ (bottom light green section)
  • Then for each offer shown as expired, click on ‘update offer’

To view members’ offers

Go to Offerings and either check the categories or do a word search in the light yellow bar at the top (then click on the triangle to the right).

To view members’ wants

Go to Wants. These are not in categories, and the latest request always appears at the top.

To do a transaction

The seller withdraws Beams from the buyers account by doing the following –

  • Go to ‘Enter Single Transaction’ (middle menu on home page).
  • Enter buyer’s name or account number, description and number of Beams.
  • Click on ‘Submit’
  • Click on ‘Confirm’

They will automatically receive an email with details of the transaction (your name and account number, number of Beams debited and what is was for).

To view your trading history

Go to My record > View my statement of account > Click on All Trades (or specify time period) > Go.

Please try to keep your offers updated; people become disillusioned when they contact members for services that are no longer on offer.

If you forget your password

Click on Forgotten your password? > Enter your account number > Click on Submit Your password will be emailed to you.

Offers & want categories

Offers and wants are organised by the following categories

Accommodation and space; Admin; Admin (for LETS); Advice; Animals and pets; Arts and crafts; Body and mind; Business; Car repairs; Care and assistance; Children; Companionship; Computer/IT; Cycling/bicycles; Design; DIY; Domestic; Entertainment and recreation; Food; cooking and catering; For loan; For sale; Gardening and allotments; Labour; Languages; Miscellaneous; Music and drama; Nature and environmental; Personal assistance; Photography; Repairs; Sewing, knitting and alterations; Social activities and trips; Sports and coaching; Technical help; Transport; Travel; Tuition; Writing and editing.

For more help, there is a Help button on the top right of every page.

How to use a Beams cheque book

  • The buyer and the seller fill in the Beams cheque (fill in ALL sections);
  • The buyer keeps the stub (which has been signed by the seller);
  • The seller then debits the buyer using the online trading system, accessible via
  • the Members area
  • The buyer automatically receives an email with confirmation of the transaction.

Further help

If you have any problems trading or need any further help please email us at and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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