Childcare disclaimer

Childcare guidelines and disclaimer

LETS members around the world find the scheme very useful for helping with childcare as members often form strong relationships due to the community nature of the scheme.

LETS members are ordinary individuals and anyone can offer themselves for childcare or babysitting. There is no vetting or registration system of anyone offering their services for childcare. Therefore, it is important to be as cautious using individuals for childcare through LETS as you would be with other non-LETS friends and neighbours.

Waltham Forest LETS nor any of its committee cannot be held responsible for the behaviour of individual members. As with any LETS transaction, the individuals trading together are fully responsible for the consequences. Individuals are free to only use members for childcare who have had a CRB check through their work, but this is not something that WF LETS can process.

We recommend:

* You do not use a LETS member for childcare without your child/children getting to know them first and watching them interact with your child/children.

* You do not use a LETS member for childcare you have not spent time with yourself.

* You are fully confident of their ability to manage children and their responsible character.

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