Code of conduct

Members agree to Waltham Forest LETS holding their contact details on the online trading system which can be seen by other members of the scheme. Members can hide their full addresses – these can then only be seen by a small number of administrators.

All accounts start at zero. Members’ accounts do not need to be in credit before buying a service from another member. The current Beams overdraft limit is 200 Beams.

Transactions are carried out in Beams. Transactions in cash are not allowed, except for the reimbursement of reasonable expenses, for example materials, petrol etc.

No one is obliged to accept a particular invitation to trade, or to engage in any transaction with another member. On leaving Waltham Forest LETS members who owe Beams should do their best to balance their account to zero.

Members should always reply to requests from other members, even if it’s only to say they are unable to trade at the time.

Members should try to keep their offers up to date, and ‘hide’ their offers if they are unavailable to trade for any length of time.

Members are welcome to attend meetings and take part in decision making.

If a member loses or damages something they have borrowed from another member through the LETS scheme, they should replace it or arrange for its repair.

The Waltham Forest LETS committee has the right to refuse any ‘offerings’ or ‘wants’ entry they consider inappropriate for legal or other reasons.

The committee has the right to deny membership to an applicant in exceptional circumstances at their discretion. They will contact any member whose behaviour or activity is considered inappropriate to Waltham Forest LETS. The committee, in consultation with the advisory group, has the right to remove a member from the system in exceptional cases.

Members agree to be bound by the conditions of this code of conduct and those in the constitution of Waltham Forest LETS.

A member who leaves the scheme in credit can opt to transfer their Beams to another member. If no-one is nominated for transfer, the Beams from the member’s account will be transferred to Waltham Forest LETS’ administration account.

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